Fresh Herbs: Benefits & Best Ingredients

Fresh Herbs:  Benefits & Best Ingredients

Fresh Herbs for Life

Fresh Mint Ever since tasting my favorite tomato basil omelet at Mimi’s Cafe, I have been obsessed with herbs. There is no substitute for fresh herbs. They are the best ingredients. Over the years, I have spent more than I care to admit buying fresh herbs for recipes. A couple of years ago I decided to start growing my own so that we can save money. I discovered, there is much more I enjoyed about growing my own herbs.


First, saving on groceries is a huge benefit! I small bushel of herbs can cost at least $2.00 each. Many times I didn’t use all of the herbs and couldn’t preserve them, so had to toss the rest. It was disheartening to waste those precious ingredients.  I love knowing I can go to my backyard to clip what I need instead of constantly running to the store for fresh ingredients.

fresh herbs


They make very pretty centerpieces.   If you like fresh cut flowers like me, you will love the natural look of herb centerpieces.  They look great on the kitchen table and counter tops.  Now after snipping stems of the herbs I need for cooking, I place some left-overs in a mason jar, oil bottles, old metal cans, or whatever I feel like recycling.  Choose a variety of herbs in different containers for a unique grouping.


They smell so good!  Have you ever smelled fresh herbs?  My favorite fragrance is Rosemary.  Oh, who am I kidding!  My favorite is Basil.  They all smell so good.  My back porch is so fragrant.  I really enjoy sitting on my porch to read or relax while enjoying the fragrance from my variety of herb plants.  This indulgence is what inspired me to make my own herb scented candles.  I prefer fresh natural fragrances over perfumes.


Fresh herbs tastes so much better than dried.  Fresh herbs impart a purer and fresher flavor to foods than dried.  Dried herbs lose some essential oils.  Besides, you can’t make salad dressings and sauces from dried herbs.


Herbs are so good for you!  You can add more antioxidants to your diet by just adding flavor to your food.  Research has shown that many of the herbs used in cooking have more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. So, spice up those meals, and get healthier.


Are you part of the club of herb lovers?  If so share your comments below.  Be sure to visit often as we continue the herb series.









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