What happened to my Basil?

Basil Growing Trials

Growing BasilNow, I told you this will be an adventurous year for me as I attempt to grow herbs in the desert. My green thumb has become a dry brown chafe. This is my 3rd attempt to grow basil. I love basil and buy fresh bushels often. So, naturally I would prefer to grow it myself to use at my discretion.

Well my basil looked good for a time. It grew nicely, and it was so much fun to watch the little shoots come up from the soil. Then when the precious leaves unfolded to form what looks like a real plant, my entire family got excited. It is actually the excitement from my family that I think happened to my basil. I notice that the plant seem to get a bit soggy and start molding…. huh? That seems weird. I suspect I have more than one person watering the plant. Of course when I ask the members of my household if anyone has been watering the plant, nobody admits it.

So, I guess I will need to place a nanny cam in front of my plant to keep the other “thumbs” out of it.  As I journey to grow another pot of the sweet basil, warning my family to keep their “thumbs” out of it, we shall see how successful it grows. This time, I will also plant Thyme and Parsley.

Quick Facts about Basil:

  • Basil is a companion plant for tomatoes
  • Basil enhances the flavor of tomatoes if planted next to it
  • Basil protects other plants from insects

Pot Growing Tips:

  • Ensure that adequate drainage is allowed (line with coarse gravel if necessary)
  • Basil should be grown in a position that receives a good amount of sunlight – around 6-8 hours a day.
  • Basil can be grown indoors on a sunny windowsill or outdoors in containers or soil.
  • If growing Basil in containers or indoor pots then add a small amount of fertiliser every month or so.
  • Water every week (more often if growing in outdoor containers or indoors).
  • When watering your Basil make sure to water at the base of the plant avoiding showering the leaves and stems.
  • Be sure to pinch out any flowers that appear. This will help preserve the plants flavor and also channel the plants energies into more leaf growth.

Have you had failures or success when planting and herb garden? What have you found worked for you? Happy Potting!


  1. Well I just learned something! I didn’t know that if you plant basil next to tomatoes it will enhance the flavor of the tomato! I can’t wait to try that this summer! I did plant my first pot of basil this past year and it grew so tall! My son flew out from San Francisco with his wife and he made a delicious dish that was fresh sliced tomatoes with a slice of fresh soft mozerella on top of that with fresh basil on top of that and he continued to stagger those ingrediants spread out in layers in a beautiful presentation and he drizzled virgin olive oil over the top. It was so delicious! I can’t wait to plant more this summer. But for now, perhaps I should “try” growing some inside of a sunny window! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Joyce! I look forward to hearing how your basil grows in the window. I just love the taste of basil. I can have it in
      just about anything.


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