Christmas in the Desert

Christmas Tree Story

Christmas tree storyOk, i don’t know about you, but part of our family Christmas traditions is to buy our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Our family gave up the whole “Black Friday” fun, when it started to become a crazy riot.  For years now, we have avoided the crazy and crowded shopping malls and opted for some good ole family fun picking out a tree, making mulled apple cider and decorating the home.  Or maybe a trip up to Mount Charleston to play in the snow.

We love to buy poinsettias and plant them in the flower bed and in pots.  What a festive view.  Potted fir trees are situated around the house.  The smell of the season is wafting through the air.    This has been our tradition in the tropical state of Florida for many years.  After spending 2 Christmas seasons in the desert of Las Vegas, we decided it was time to retire the artificial Christmas tree and return to our traditions of getting the real tree.  So, with bubbly excitement, we filed into our mini van and headed to the closest nursery.  We picked out the perfect 8 -9 foot tree and was thrilled to get it home and get it secured in the tree stand.  What a beautiful sight.  And the smell!  I loved it.  The tree fit perfectly in the middle of the room.  Lights and ornaments have been carefully arranged. This was great!  We are all set to monitor the water levels to ensure a healthy tree.

—–s-cr-a-tch——  Nobody told us (and it didn’t occur to us) that getting a real tree in Las Vegas too soon was a recipe for disaster.

The first few days, the tree looks awesome.  But soon, we started to notice that the tree seems to be lighter in color.  First, I thought it was my imagination, then my daughter asked me if I thought the tree lacked color.  So, now I go to check it out and the pine needles are snapping off easily.  Now, I have a pool of pine needles all over the floor.  This was extremely discouraging!  I immediately have visions of a torched Christmas tree. I check the water in the tree stand to discover there is still plenty of water.  So the tree is drying out from the air around it?!!!  No way!!  We turned the heat vents off in that room, went out to buy some  “Christmas Tree Conditioner” and now try to avoid touching the tree.   Hoping that the tree will last the whole season.  With 10 more days to go, I don’t know…….  Will we buy another tree?  Two Christmas trees in 4 weeks.  Wow!

This could be material for a funny story in a few years!

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