Christmas Traditions

Christmas Season in our Home

pine cones modern homemakerWhat kind of Christmas traditions does your family have?  For as far back as I can remember, there were certain things we did as a family for Christmas day.  They left lasting memories.  We always had Christmas breakfast with the entire family.  Many times the men prepared breakfast for everyone.  I loved having a full day of visiting loved ones all over the city.

Well, as the matriarch of my own home now, we have certain family traditions of our own.  We have 7 days of Christmas celebrations were we exchange gifts (very inexpensive, thoughtful or homemade gifts) each day for 7 days leading up to Christmas day.  On Christmas eve, it has become common knowledge that everyone will open gifts to find a new pair of pajamas.  Every year, without fail.  It was really humorous when our children began to realize this.  It is often brought up throughout the year and we get to have serious belly laughs about it.  Now, the girls have come to expect them as part of their tradition.  This practice was passed down from my mother, who always wanted us to be “cute” on Christmas morning with fresh, new pajamas.

So now that we have established that pajamas will be the gift on Christmas eve, we are now on the hunt to find the most unique sets.  Have anyone ever found the coverall style pajamas with the seat flap?  How cool would it be to find those?   My daughters have requested the old blanket sleepers with built in feet.  We have also considered taking our family Christmas picture under the tree wearing our Christmas pjs.

Well, that is one of our many traditions.  I will share as we inch closer to our celebration of the Lord’s birth.  I hope you are having a blessed Christmas season.

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