Jesus Loves Me

Jesus is the truthWhat is the truth of my circumstance?

I am sure everyone of you have had some unique circumstances.  Some challenging circumstances.  Unfortunately, the great circumstances are overshadowed by the bad ones at times.  I have been on a journey through a health issue that caused me to question many things.  Like most circumstances, this health problem surfaced during the most inconvenient time, the Christmas holiday.

Last fall, I found a mysterious growth on my eye, on the conjucntiva (white part of the eye).  Thinking that this will be an easily treatable condition, I made an appointment to see the optometrist.  The first doctor was not sure what to diagnose the condition, so he referred me to a colleague.  This colleague told me that I apparently had a tumor that required me to travel to San Francisco to be treated.  ASAP!  This being a few weeks before Christmas, it changed our plans significantly.

Imagine, my emotions are all over the place!  As best I could, I enjoyed each day, remembering that no matter what the diagnosis, I was still alive at the moment and should live.  Some moments, I became frustrated and asked questions such as why me?  Why do I have an condition that requires me to travel so far for treatment?  The travel costs were tremendous.  So we scheduled to leave for San Francisco about 2 weeks later.  We really enjoyed the trip.  San Francisco is one of the most unique cities in the US.  My daughters had a great time sight seeing, driving up the Pacific coast, etc.

The Dr. visit was somewhat encouraging.  He immediately looked at the tumor and said, “What in the world is that?”.  Although he didn’t know what it could be, he said he didn’t think it was cancer.  After having an ultrasound on the eye, they found a lot of inflammation.  The Dr. prescribed prednisone to see if it would shrink.

Well, after a few weeks the tumor did not shrink.  I had to return to San Francisco this time to have the tumor removed and biopsied.  This really hit me hard.  I was not looking forward to having eye surgery.

We host a small group ministry in our home on Friday evenings with some dear friends.  We are doing a 12 week Henry Blackably’s Experiencing God bible study.  During this time, we had a lesson called “What is the Truth of Your Circumstance?”.  What I learned about the truth has forever changed me.  I have heard the scripture over my lifetime.

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.. – Jesus Christ – John 14:6

But it has a deeper meaning to me now.  Jesus is the truth.  This lesson taught us that we don’t always no the truth about our circumstances, but God does.  From my perspective, the truth of my circumstance was that I was ill and I didn’t know what would be the result of this condition.  What I learned from that week’s lesson, was that I didn’t know the truth about my circumstance and that I need to look to the real truth, that being Jesus.  I went to God and asked Him to show me His perspective on my circumstance.

What I discovered as I walk through this circumstance, prepared for travel, made arrangements for our daughters care in our absence, endured surgery, and now recovering; the truth is that Jesus loves me!  God took care of everything and allowed my husband and I to go to San Francisco, have a meaningful (and much needed) time alone together and get treatment.  Jesus surrounded my husband, two daughters and myself with so much overwhelming love that it is indescribable!  Our family, friends, church, co-workers came together to help us and to pray with us and for me.  We found out that so many people were praying for us.  It was humbling to realize that I didn’t deserve the love that Jesus had given me.  I have been blessed to have a loving relationship with Him and He has blessed me with great family and friends to do life with!

See, if it were not for the circumstance I am experiencing, I would not have had the opportunity to experience God in this way.  God is the Truth, my Father God,  and my Healer.  Today, the tumor is gone, and the doctors are studying me to find the source of the tumor for preventative and/or ongoing treatment.  I continue to Experience God in new ways and am often moved to tears as He shows me truth (Himself) everyday.

If you have a testimony about Truth, please share.

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