My Ugly Sofa Saga

ugly sofa makeover

The Nappy Dingy Ugly Sofa Makeover

For the first time in many years I have a sofa and loveseat that is not either slipcovered or leather.  Now those of us who have children know that this is a sure way to getting the “ugly sofa”.  Well, let me tell you  we relocated to Las Vegas almost 3 years ago and from year to year we never know if we are staying ugly sofaor relocating again.  So we were reluctant about spending too much on furnishing.   We purchased a sofa and loveseat that was “affordable”.  It looked nice for a about 7 months. Since we are a family that is at home a lot with me working from home and homeschooling, there is constant traffic and the sofa and loveseat are always being used.  It didn’t take long for the nice looking sofa to become the nappy monster it is now.  You know what I mean by nappy?  I wasn’t paying attention to the fabric when we purchased it, but now the little beads have formed all over the seat, back and arms.

pottery barn sofa slipcoversSo many times we have spot washed and scrubbed the couch to keep in clean and presentable.  This was tiring.  I even saw a tip on HGTV that you can get rid of the little beads on the couch by shaving it off  with a disposable razor.  So my daughters and I went to work.  We did see a difference.  I still wasn’t pleased.  I really love a crisp fresh look and clean fabric that I just couldn’t pull off with the sofa’s natural fabric.  So, I decided to go ahead and get slipcovers even if we may relocate in a few months.  It was worth it for me.  Have you had any experience with slipcovers?  I have used them for many years.  Slipcovers are NOT created equal.  There are some really low quality slipcovers out there!  You know the ones that move around when you sit in them and can be very sloppy.  I prefer to use semi tailored separate seat slipcovers from Sure Fit or Pottery Barn.

slipcovering a sofa

I picked up some Pottery Barn slipcovers for the sofa and the loveseat and the sweating began.   I love the look of the Pottery Barn semi-tailored, separate seat slip covers but they are certainly more difficult to put on the sofa than SureFit slipcovers.  However there is a method to the madness.

1.  First identify the front and the back of the slipcovers and place it on the couch

2. Identify the arms and place them over the arms of your sofa.

3.  Pull the slipcovers down to the proper height of your couch.

4.  Begin tucking and smoothing out your slipcover.

5.  Once the slipcover is in place, cover your seat cushions with the separate seat slipcover.

6.  Place your seat cushions on your sofa.

pottery barn sofa slipcoverNow I  am ready to enjoy my new fresh sofa.  Goodbye to the nappy sad sofa I once had. Hello to the springtime freshness like no other.  A slipcover that I can pull off and launder.  Nothing makes a room more fresh than fresh linens.  I prefer the warmth and cozy fabric over leather any day.  I tend to wash my slipcovers monthly.  It is such a refreshing feeling, especially in the springtime when you can open the windows and get cross draft winds blowing through the home.  What do you think?

I love to try many household products and plan to write product reviews to share with you.

Until next time….


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  3. I didn’t make them, but my mom did for me. I had an old club chair & ottoman that I wtnead to change & I found some pretty inexpensive material. We took measurements of the arms, cushions, back, etc. & sort of broke it down in sections to get it right. She made a little template pattern & then started sewing it all up. She even put piping around the arms & ottoman. I have a pic of it somewhere that I could show you if you want. It turned out really nice & I am still using the chair in one of my guestrooms. My mom is a good seamstress, although she doesn’t think she’s that good. I’m always happy with what she turns out for me…she sewed almost all the window treatments in my house too. I don’t think it’s that hard…you just have to break it down in pieces and go from there. If you have sewed before, I think you can do it!RHodaSouthern Hospitality

  4. Sounds like it was nice. I would love to see it. Post the pic on our fan page, I can sew, but haven’t tried
    to sew slipcovers yet. My stepmom once covered an old chair for me in college. I wish I still had it or a picture of it.



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