Organic Centerpieces & Muffins

Organic Christmas Centerpiece

Cranberries, Hazelnuts & Muffins Oh My

Part 1: The Centerpiece

Looking for the perfect, simple holiday centerpieces this year?  Try “going green” with organic holiday centerpieces.  Simply pull out your mason jars or some old jelly or pickle jars, fill it up 3 quarters of the way with hazelnuts.  Then top with fresh cranberries.  Although these centerpieces are small and simple, I have consistently received great compliments.   Get creative and choose your favorite nuts such as pecans or walnuts.


  • Clean and soak the cranberries for 30 minutes to sift out the bad berries.
  • Strain the cranberries in a colander and let them dry on a towel before placing them in jars.
  • Cranberries should always be on top of the nuts so that you can protect them from brusing.
  • Cranberries should be refrigerated after 1 day.  So as you can see, these are very organic centerpieces that are meant to be enjoyed  for the day.

Part 2 –  The Yummy Food:

Now, on to the second part of this organic centerpiece.  What do you do with the cranberries after the 1 day centerpiece?  Some great things you could do with them that is seasonal and tasty:

Cranberry & Orange Muffins —- click for recipe

Cranberry Sauce —– coming soon.

–  Vanilla Bean Pudding with Cranberry Syrup —- coming soon

Orange Marmalade —– click for recipe

We love to hear from you!  Please share any of your ideas for holiday festive centerpieces and recipes.  Coming soon – canning  jams & jellies for Christmas party favors.

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