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springtime refreshing

Have you ever experienced after Christmas let down? I used to feel this way as a child. All the build up of parties and festivities peaking on December 25th just to crash the day after. I love the Christmas season. It is a time to do fun things with your family and friends. But what I really look forward to now, is the time of refreshment the new year brings. As much as I enjoy the holiday decorating, the fragrances, the traditions, the parties, and feasts, I really love packing it all up and switching gears.

I also love springtime. Once the new year has started, I know that springtime is right around the corner. Time to pack up all of the cinnamon spice fragrances and bring on the fresh smells of spring. I tend to lean toward the atmosphere of beach vacations and fresh laundry smells. My favorite home fragrances are from Tommy Bahamas. What a really nice treat. What a way to start the year off, right? Removing the pine cones from my apothecary jars and placing citrus fruit in them is a refreshing change.

Some ways to feel refreshed around the home for springtime is too change linens, covers and pillow covers.  I like the flexibility of slipcovers because you can wash them and you can change the pillow designs on your couch.  Simple changes around the house can do wonders for your attitude and moving you forward with your new year.

My family has grown accustomed to seasonal changes around the house.  I guess you can lump this in the category of our family traditions.  My home atmosphere sets the pace for every member of our family and extreme comfort is key for us.  What works for me in the springtime is using fresh produce as centerpieces and having fresh cut flowers.  Refresh your kitchen with small mason jars with cut flowers in them.  They do not take much room and really adds a lot to the atmosphere.  Washing the windows so that the sun shines through them brighter will give your home a magnificent glow.

It is common for most to start their year off reorganizing the home and getting your business in gear.  What are some of the springtime refreshing things you do in your home?


  1. Hi Tammy, I just read my first article from you blog and absolutely loved it. I will be reading them all. Right now I am trying to get our home organized. I bought a few storage bins to sort and organize things. Thrown away some magazines and thinking about rearranging the furniture. Have you heard of a company called Scentsy. They sale warmers and great fragrances. I just started using their fragrances during the holidays and getting ready to purchase some spring fragrances. Check out this website http://www.idapatrick.scentsy.us/Buy Oh one more thing I tried to send you a copy of the new Mary Kay Look Book via email. It wouldnt send for some reason. Ill try it again. In the mean time I have a link to it on my face book page and it always can be accessed from my website http://www.marykay.com/theresa.robinson14. I think you will like the new cream eye colors and the Liquid illumintor. Check it out when you can. Ok have a great night. Love Ya!

    • Thank you Theresa! I look forward to getting your feedback.


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