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real homemakerMy little flowers!  My puffalumps!  Those sweet, fat little cheeks!  My little girls!  Are you kidding me????  These “little girls” I speak of are now little women!  I have a really hard time digesting that reality.  All of the years before I married and had a family, I thought about what it will be like one day.  I never imagined the joy I experience being their mother. Now I understand how my mother and mother-in-law feel.  I also feel guilty at times for not living close to them and now imagine my children growing up and moving away. :-(

My “little flower” is the nickname I have given my youngest daughter as she is truly blossoming.  She is my site photographer and a budding programmer and graphic artist at the tender age of 11.  So, all of the sweet pictures you see featured on this site comes from the perspective of my “little flower”. She loves to socialize and stay in touch with distant friends.  Such a consistent girl who has told us goodnight the same way since she has spoken her first words:  “Snug as a bug in a rug.  Sweet dreams.  Don’t let the beddy bugs bite.  Goodnight.”  Even when she is away, she will call or text us the same goodnight message.

I wouldn’t describe my oldest daughter as my “little flower”.  She is my “little spitfire”.  She was born with so much spunk.  She started off with so much innocent curiosity and spice.  What an interesting person she is.  Our daughter has such different interest and has exposed us to so many unique things.  We expect as parents, that we will be the one to introduce our children to everything.  We quickly learn that this isn’t true.  What a zest for life she has.  She is a very artistic and creative person, with an interest in classical and jazz music and a marathon reader.  She is very opinionated about politics and is counting the days till she can vote for the first time.  At 16 she seems to have come full circle.  She resembles her infant days again.  It is funny how your children change at different stages of their development.

I am truly blown away as I look at the beautiful young ladies my girls have become.  In so many ways they are total opposites and also the same.  Nothing teaches you more about life better than giving birth to multiple children.  You see from the moment they enter the world that they are a unique individual.  Different from any other human being on earth.  I remember how different their demeanors were even on the first day.  This is with only 2 children. What must you learn from having 4, 5, or 6?

Parenting is hard work and the children grow up so fast.  Their childhood is only but a fraction of the years you will have in a relationship with them.  God willing, most of your time with your children will be in an adult relationship.  So, enjoy those puffalumps and sweet, fat cheeks for as long as you can.  Savoir it. Praise the Lord for such sweet blessings!  I know that I do.


  1. i so know what you mean. there is no denying how unique God created each one of us. And that is evident in our children. I call it God’s signature. It is what makes us truly one of a kind.

  2. So true. I like the “God’s Signature”.


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