Naughty Talk in Teen Magazines

christian teen parentingHow Many of You Read Seventeen Magazine as a Teen?

I read Seventeen Magazine when I was a teenager.  I loved reading the tips on fashion, make-up, dating, etc.  This was a great way to feel like I was in the “hip” crowd and stay in the loop of new trends.  I wish I still had copies from way back when so that I can compare it to the present day Seventeen Magazine.  I have always encouraged my daughters to read read read!  My teen reads on an average of 20 novels a year.  I have also encouraged casual reading with their favorite magazines. I found them enjoyable and I thought they would like it too.  I have not looked at the magazines they have purchased. I should have known better, but I was casually walking near my daughters desk when I saw a Seventeen Magazine on it.  Well, what I saw on the cover astounded me!  I cover story about using birth control properly!

What a decline in our society.  We would never have seen articles in teen magazines about using good birth control.  After my shocking discovery, I  decided to explore the magazine in detail.  What I found were articles that discussed how to have better, more enjoyable s@#.  This magazine looked more like Cosmopolitan.  While I take a very open approach to discussing s@# with my daughters, I do not like the idea that this magazine promotes teen s@#.  This should not be promoted under any circumstance.  We are abstinence teachers in our household.  Now, don’t get me wrong, my daughters are educated about birth control, reproductive systems, the pros and cons of s@#ual relationships, etc.  They know that the sensationalized versions of s@# on television and movies does not represent what teen s@# would look like. The difference is, when we discuss s@#, they get the full spectrum of what comes along with it.  These articles makes s@# only about physical relations but fail to tell the girls about the emotional fallout, unexpected consequences, and future intimacy issues with their spouses because of premarital s@#.

What didn’t alarm me is that my daughter read this magazine.  Although the magazine articles go against everything we believe in and teach, I have confidence in my daughter that she can make the right choices for herself.  We have equipped them with all they need to know to make a spiritual and educated decisions about s@#.  S@#is not a taboo topic in our house and purity is a personal choice for our girls.    I am more concerned with the messages these magazine send to young ladies who do not have adequate teaching in this matter and are therefore shaped by the society and media.  I could rant for days on this subject.  What is your opinion about the s@#ualization of teens in the media?

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